Getting out of the shower and into clean sheets with the smell of the candle and a bonfire outside. There’s something so weirdly paralyzing about your own sheets after a long day. No money, no man, no object should fill this spot or feeling. We really only have ourselves and if you can’t be your own best friend and make yourself happy, you don’t have much of a foundation.

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This flag was given to my friend Mike’s great Aunt after his Uncle’s plane went down in World War II. It’s been passed down through his family and now it’s hanging in Mike’s wine shop in Kingston, NY.


hash browns will be served at my wedding

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Relentless Progression


I used to build dreams about you.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (via confusingmisery)

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Reine, Norway

5 years from right now I’ll be in my CFY and applying to be M.A. CCC-SLP I know everyone doesn’t care or doesn’t know what I’m rambling about but it’s kinda equivalent to when a doctor completes his/her residency and I’m just so excited for that that I think I’ll cry the day I get my C’s.

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